06 December 2011

LastPass Password Manager Review

Reviewed by scout1

                   In the modern world of computing, just having one password for all your accounts is a very foolish act. If a hacker managed to get your password, all your accounts, from your banking account to your game accounts, all of them would be hacked. Thus, we have to come up with different password for each account, for more security. Unless each of your password is very easy, for example that one of your password is your mum's name, and the next is your dad's name, you would unlikely be able to remember all of them. In some cases where all your passwords are strong strength password such as "4$kdm@nd($@" , and you forget one of them, it would never be easy to remember your password, and if you cannot reset it due to some reasons, then your account is akin to have been deleted from your life.
                  Now, why is LastPass better than other password managers, and how does it help you prevent the above situations? First LastPass is 100% free for computers(Windows,Mac,Linux,etc.). You will only need to pass $1/ Month if you are using it for your phones. Next, you do not need to download any softwares. LastPass stores your password online, so you simply need to log in and you are able to log in to all your accounts. Well, if you think that your passwords might get stolen since they are stored online, do not worry as all your passwords are encrypted, and LastPass will not enter the password if you entered a Phishing site by chance. Furthermore, LastPass has a tool to generate strong passwords for you, so you need not think of one yourself.
                   Well, once you have LastPass, you need not remember any of your password, and you need not type in your password, wtihout risking your password getting keylogged, hacked or phished. If you do not believe that LastPass is good, take review sites as a guide, most of them has rated LastPass as a very good product. For example, Pc Magazine has rated Last Pass with a 5/5 for AntiTheft/Password section of Security, as the Gold PC Magazine Award winner. Now, go and download lastpass now and it will be the last password you will ever need to remember!


Its free but Premium plan are available which cost $1 per month. You can view and compare its plan here

System Requirements
Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile

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