11 December 2011

Antifreeze Review


AntiFreeze offers a last recourse when you find your computer in a hung state. Because programs consume too much CPU or too much memory or too many programs have been started, your computer has become unresponsive. The mouse still moves but no programs are responding, you cannot switch to other programs or even close them. You have even tried to start the Windows Task Manager even that won’t work because it does not get enough attention from the scheduler to respond to your mouse clicks and keyboard presses. You are ready to press the reset button, instead you can press the hotkey of AntiFreeze. It will put to sleep all running programs except the most critical ones, giving you the opportunity to close down the programs which are causing problems. You may even be able to save or recover your work.

Reviewed by scout1

                AntiFreeze is the 2nd last resort when your computer freeze, apart from pressing the switch of your computer's electricity source. AntiFreeze would be a much better choice than restarting your computer,  as doing so would means that your work would not be saved.
                  After freezing them, AntiFreeze pops up a task manager to allow you to remove programs that you do not need to use. After removing them, the use of CPU and RAM will be reduced, thus allowing your computer to run again. The task manager clearly shows you how much computer resources you are using, thus allowing you to carefully choose the programs you have to close. Also, it allows you to resume the programs AntiFreeze helped you to "freeze" to allow you to continue with your work.
                 However, if none of the programs are not needed, you probably need to go get a new and faster computer then. AntiFreeze will definitely be very useful if you are working on a big project and suddenly your computer crashed.
                 If you were to restart your computer by forcefully switching off the main power supply, all your work that has not been saved would be lost then, thus if you used AntiFreeze, you would be able to continue with your work and save them.


System Requirements
Windows 7/Vista/XP/2003 (x86 and x64)




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