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Are you an owner of a blog or a website? Interested in boosting your traffic and views on your site with us? Yes you can and we are here to help you achieve that by simply getting your website featured on our site page. Here how a few methods and requirements which allows you to become our affiliates.

Link Exchange

Exchange the site by advertising each other site as we will get your site feature here and you will do the same for us on your site. We will do this free of charge and absolutely no hiccup! Terms and condition applied.


Are you an developer? If you are interested in adverting with us, here is your chance! We will do a full length and unbiased review of your product for free here. You may also provid your own review of your product and we will post it here on our site! In exchange you may also consider to organize giveaway, contest, or providing special discount coupon of your product with us for our reader here. Well, you got nothing to lose and its a great marketing and advertising opportunity! Kill two bird in one stone and it's a win-win situation! Just simply drop us a message we will respond and get back to you as soon as we could possible!

Join Our Team

Are you a a good writer? Interested in becoming our author or reviewer? If so we currently are in need and recruiting new writer and staff for our site! What you have to do is simply helping us out by writing us some review of product/application/services that are related to computing. Both experienced and even newbie are welcome to join us as long as you are able to spend some time on the net and are able to being dedicated to our course here. We also in need of a reviewer who could do their job on screen or in other word, having the ability and experience to make video on YouTube of review and tutorial for our site.

Terms and Condition

We do not allow site which promote anything related to pornographic and site which scam user in order to made profit. We will will not consider site that are using survey site such as CPAlead.

Image of banner use are 520x300 pixel. You may provide us your banner according to the required sizeor we might create one for you as well free of charge.

Please contact us here for more inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible!