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You can find all our product and post via the home page. If you need to search for a particular topic or post, please make good use of the site search bar which are located at the top right of the site page. There might be some cases where the search bar did not function properly and we have received tons of feedback regarding the search bar does not give a correspond result. You are advise to search via the label tab which the topic are carefully categorized in respective section. You may also look for post and topic through our site archives which are located at the right side of the body page.

Shout Box

The Shout Box on the home page is strictly for general discussion only. Please be kind to other and any offensive and abusive remark will be removed instantly without prior notice. Please contact the administrator or moderator for help and guidance related to this matter.

Signing up a new account for your own custom profile will help to keep and protect your identity while using the Shout Box so that no one will be able to manipulate nor exploit your privacy. This have happen as there are many cases where there are people faking other member identities.
Also, please be reminded that the following behavior are strictly forbidden while using the Shout Box:

-Using offensive word
-Shout Box is not for requesting.

Those act as mentioned above will not be tolerated.

Comments Section

You are always welcome and encouraged to voice out your opinion and what is in your mind with us here. Reader are allowed to write a comment in a post which can be done at the bottom of the site post page. It is not mandatory to register in order to write a comment, though it is best to register for one account so that people are able to recognize you. You also may use other third-party account such as Facebook or Twitter account for logging in purpose.

The site administrator holds the right to remove and unapprove any irrelevant off-topic comment or spams without prior notice. If you feel otherwise, you may contact us to state your case.

Comments Moderation Policy

Comments section’s main aim is to give you a chance to share your opinion about the relevant post/topic with other visitors of the site. To keep this area free from spam and eliminate conflicts among the users all the comments left will be moderated and monitored.
To avoid possible complaints, we will outline general aspects of our moderation policy.
Constructive criticism either positive or negative is welcome. The main idea here is to create a discussion that includes the pro’s and con’s of the program and suggestions that could improve the product or things that you feel to be removed (if so please point out the reasons why).
Do not include any criticisms of other members’ posts, inappropriate language, or off topic subjects apart from suggestions for similar programs. You can disagree with what others say, but providing that you have valid reasons. Never attack or criticize the person. Otherwise your post is most likely to be deleted.

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How to start receiving notification?

To start receiving notification on new/latest topic posted, simply fill in your valid email to the subscription field box which are located at the top left side of the page. You are required to verify your subscription through your email (an email will be sent to you for confirmation)

How to stop receiving notifications?

To stop or pause receiving notification e-mails from PC Software Zone, you need to click “unsubscribe now” link, which can be found at the bottom of every message (email update).

Does this site have any premium content?

No. This site will be and always will be free forever! There are no hidden service free or whatsoever. However, you can make donation to us here if you want.

How is this site funded then?

This is a community based site and our aspiration is to keep the site independent and non-commercial. We are not affiliated with any commercial site or software developer.
Currently we are trying to fund this site by donations from site visitors. Any shortfall is funded with the minimum amount of advertising. This site is hosted by Google's Blogger and therefore is free of charge. We are also considering to setting up our own forum on the near future when we have accumulate sufficient fund to purchase a off-shore hosting. If you are interested in contributing and generous enough to provide us a hosting, please kindly contact us here

We only gain our revenue through Google Ad Sense advertisement and that the only medium of revenue for us through this site.

Problems and Solutions

Download Related

Q : When I click on the download link provided, an error occur stating that the particular file is not found in server and had been removed.
A : If this is the case then please report the broken link and post to us through contact form or through the Shout Box. We will re-upload the file and fixed the broken link immediately.

Q : I can't open and access to the file from the download link.
A : You will need to have a file zipper software/application installed to your system in order to extract the downloaded file. You are recommended to use Winrar for this purpose.

Q : What is the password of the file?
A : You can find and obtain the password of the respective file at the bottom of the posting page of your particular downloaded file.

Q : It seem that I can't downloads file from Mediafire.com
A : There were situation where certain country denied and blocked access to file hosting site such as Mediafire. If that is the case simply request for a mirror link for your download and we will re-upload it to other file hosting site. There is also a solution where you will be able to bypass this problem simply by changing the DNS of your connection. You can learn and discover the instruction on how works here. You may also try your luck by changing your proxy or using a Virtual Private Network(VPN) services.

Q : The version of the software posted has been out of date.
A : We do not update post that regularly but if you do notice an outdated software that we have posted, please kindly inform us about it we will get it updated. You can also contact us here

Viruses detection

Its our duty to test and scan the software/file for viruses and threat before we posting it for the user. Therefore there is no need for you to worry about this matter as we guarantee the file we posted are tested free of malware and are 100% clean . In case if your Antivirus detected the file posted by us as threat/viruses, do not fret as it will be most probably a false positive.

You can also test and scan the file through various site scanner services such as Virus Total.
Still, we were not to be held into responsible to the damage caused by the product that you use from our site here.

Partnership and Affiliate

If you are interested in becoming our partner or affiliates, please kindly contact us through our site contact form. Advertising of product and site from both huge and small corporation or community are also allowed. If you are interested in become our site author or sponsoring us some product for our giveaway (credit will be given), please feel free to contact us too. Link exchange will only be considered and done for site that are run through the same concept as us (technology, computing and etc.) but of cause, there will always be exception given.

How can I help?

You can help us in four ways:

Help spread the word by telling your friends and colleagues about the site. Better still include a link to our site in your blog, website, forum, newsgroup, Facebook page or even on Twitter and other equivalent social sites.

Follow us on the blog, subscribe to us, like us on our Facebook page and Google+ us on main page. You can also help us advertise and promote on your blog/forum/site.

Become a volunteer software reviewer and help make the site even better. You must be committed to our course and willing to contribute based on our policy. You must be able to use English well.

Or make a donation here.

Bug and Site Issue

If there are any bug or technical issue regarding our site and services, please feel free to report it to us via contact form. If you were happen to encounter any problem opening or loading our site pages, please update and install the latest version of Adobe Flash here.

Known Bug and Possible Cause and Solution

Here are a few bug and error on the page which we are currently working on to fix it.

-There are member that are complaining regarding our comment system that we are using (Disqus) where it does not appear, which usually right at the bottom most of the particular post page. It is installed properly and we have rectify no error found though the causes of it might be the Disqus themselves. Try refresh the page and it should load as usual afterward. The problem might also lies on which browser you using because majority of the user that experience problem with this is a Mozilla Firefox user. We recommend our user to use Google Chrome on our site.


We will appreciate it if you help us report any bugged or issue that you might encounter through this page here. Contact us if you know the solution or causes to our recent problem and bug as mentioned above.

*The FAQ above are last updated as of 8th December 2011. We strictly uphold the right to modify and change the content of this FAQ page here without any prior notice.