27 February 2012

1 Month Free Subscription of XUsnet Worth €6.99

What is Usenet?

Usenet is one of the oldest computer network communications systems still in widespread use. The format and transmission of Usenet articles is similar to that of Internet e-mail messages. The difference between the two is that Usenet articles can be read by any user whose news server carries the group to which the message was posted, as opposed to email messages which have one or more specific recipients.

Today, Usenet has diminished in importance with respect to Internet forums, blogs and mailing lists. Usenet differs from such media in several ways: Usenet requires no personal registration with the group concerned; information need not be stored on a remote server; archives are always available; and reading the messages requires not a mail or web client, but a news client. The groups in alt.binaries are still widely used for data transfer.


How to get free 1 Month Premium access to XUsenet?

Go to their home page here

Click on "Subscribe Now!" to register.

Fill in the required field to complete registration.

Note :

Choose Germany as Country
Select the Monthly  €6.99 plan.
Use this coupon code


Use your valid email address as you will need to confirm your registration.
Fill in the captcha and proceed by clicking on "Subscribe Now!"

The offer is very limited so grab your offer now. You will never know when you will need it :)

Head to this page if you need guide on how to use Usenet.

Best Free Premium Link Generator Service Provider Review

Do you happen to be a person who used to downloads a lot of files that are hosted by file hosting site such as Rapidshare or Filesonic just to mention a few name? Getting annoyed and frustrated by those wait time and limitation for free user? No fret because every problem there will always be a solution for it and in this scenario the solution for it is are namely the "Premium Link Generator".

What is Premium Link Generator?

Premium Link Generator is a service which allow user to downloads file from file hoster site with "Premium" privileges, which usually remove various limitation such as download speed and so on . It help to generate a link which allow its user to download files with no limits similar to those which enjoyed by its "Premium" (paid) user. There are a lot of website nowadays which does offer such service but most of it require its user to paid a certain monthly of subscription fees for their service such as Zevera, Download Now, Leech Pack, All Debrid and et cetera. But never the less there is also some alternative sites which also does offer the same service absolutely for free where most of them gain revenue through advertising and sponsors.

Today we are going to discuss and review some of the top free leeching service available and its features based on our own personal experience of using it. Note that this is randomly placed and the position does not necessary represent its ranking.

1. Free Debrid

Supported Site

4Shared, BayFiles, Crocko, DepositFiles, Extabit, FilePost, LetitBit, MegaShares, Mixture Cloud, Mixture Video, Netload, RapidShare, Uploaded.to, Uploading, Wupload


Unlimited usage
No file size limit
No pop-up ads
No wait time
Support resume download
Support download accelerator


The following host have the following limits where it will stop working once it reach it specific given traffics

FilePost - 100GB traffic per day
Uploaded.to - 10GB traffic per day
Deposit Files - 20GB traffic per day
Letitbit - 300GB traffic per month
Turbobit -  300GB traffic per month

Our Verdict

It is a very reliable leeching site and it seldom has server error problems. The only downside of it is that most of the time it will not be able to generate and identify links from RapidShare.

2. Qfi.im

Supported Site

Crocko (EasyShare), DepositFiles, Filefactory, Fileserve, Filesonic, Hotfile, MegaShares, Netload, Uploading


No file size limit
No pop-up ads
No wait time

Support resume download
Support download accelerator

"Weird Download" feature allow us to search for recently downloaded files


Limited per day traffic and bandwidth quota (unspecified)

Our Verdict

Qfi.im is probably one of the longest serving generator site around since year 2010 and counting. It is very easy to use and generate link instantly without any wait time nor captcha. The only problem is that it running out of traffic and bandwidth rather easily which might be caused by too many user using its service. Other than that, our privacy also remain a concern due to its "Weird Download" feature that allow other to trace our generated file by it.

3. Link Premium Generator

Supported Site

Crocko (EasyShare), DepositFiles, Filefactory, Filesonic, Hotfile, LetitBit, MegaShares, Netload, Uploaded.to, Uploading, UploadStation, VideoBB, Wupload


Unlimited usage
No pop-up ad
No wait time

Support resume download
Support download accelerator


200MB file size restriction0

 Our Verdict

Link Premium Generator has a very stable server as they had never been experiencing down-time thus far. The only problems of this generator is that its script is too buggy and too often whenever the server is overloaded with user it will give us error stating that the file size is over the allowed size limit (200MB) even thought it is not. Other identified problem is that there are times the generated link does not work though this can be solved by simply generating the link again.

4. Simply-Debrid

Supported Site

Filefactory, Hotfile, RapidShare, Uploading, UploadStation, Wupload

BayFiles, F, Extabit, FileJungle, FilePost, Fileserve, FreakShare, LetitBit, Netload, MegaShares


No file size limit
No pop-up ads
No wait time

Support resume download
Support download accelerator


5 Link limitation per day for free user
Some feature only available for Premium user only

Our Verdict

Simply-Debrid is definitely the best in term of download speed out of all. Their service is also beyond excellent and extremely user-friendly as we had never encounter problem while generating our links using it. If you are willing to spend some buck for leeching service, we highly recommend Simply-Debrid as it is definitely cheaper and probably provides better service compare to other "paid" (Premium) alternative.

5. AfterBurnerLeech

Supported Site

Free (Require Registration)

4Shared, BitShare, CramItIn, Crocko, Filefactory,FileJungle, MediaFire, MegaShares, Netload, RapidShare, UploadStation, Wupload

DepositFiles, Extabit, FilePost, Hotfile, LetitBit, Oron, Turbobit, Uploaded.to, Uploading,


No file size limit
No pop-up ads
No wait time

Support resume download
Support download accelerator
Generate link with password
Support video streaming

Limitation for free user

Unable to generate multiple links
Restricted download speed
Parallel downloads not supported
Limited bandwidth

Our Verdict

AfterBurnerLeech is a pretty cool generator which it also allow its user to stream video from their website without limits besides the capability to download it from sites such as YouTube without any installation of software. Its premium downloader also does support quite a lot of sites even for free user. In order to use their premium downloader service, user have to register for a free account. For its full feature, comparison of service and supported streaming site please visit this page for more details. Visit this page to check for its current service status availability.

6. Rapid8 (RapidIt)

Supported Site


4Shared, BitShare, Extabit, Crocko (EasyShare), Filefactory,FileJungle, FilePost, FreakShare, Hotfile, MediaFire, MegaShares, SendSpace, Oron, RapidShare, Turbobit, UploadC, Uploaded.to, Uploading, UploadStation, Wupload, VideoBB, Wupload, YouTube

CramItIn, DepositFiles, Extabit, FIleserve, GigaSize, Grupload, iFile, LetitBit, MegaShare, Netload, Turbobit, UploadStation


Support resume download
Support download accelerator

Limitation for free user

Limited file size (unspecified)
Pop-up ads
Approximate 25 seconds of waiting time
Restricted download speed
Parallel downloads not supported
Limited bandwidth

More detail on Rapid8 feature go to this page

Our Verdict

Rapid8 will always be the last escort for me only whenever other alternative site is out of service or unavailable. Just only it's home page are loaded with hell lot of advertisement banner on it. With such amount of ads, I wonder why on earth they also includes those annoying pop-up ads (one pop-up is still acceptable, but heck it is more than 3 pop up that got us annoyed!!). Not to mention the fact that not all premium account are owned nor purchased by them (believe me most of the account are donated and shared by other in exchange for their Premium service. Clever huh?). There also users claiming that their service is not safe to use as it contain virus though it is still unproven and to be honest I got no such problem while using it. Speed wise it is brilliant next after Simple-Debrid and love the fact that  it support quite a lot of sites but it seems to out of account very often. Other downside of it is that it allow user to track its recent downloaded file from their server and this will expose our file that we do not wish to make it public especially if you were to download your project file, private and confidential document and so on then you must take note of this.

Well that about it for some of the leeching site that I known thus far. I will be constantly updating this post and come back for more. If you know any great leeching link generator site kindly let me know I will add to this post if it meets the requirement. Reply to this post or use contact form if it is inconvenient for you to do so.

Note : This is strictly based on my experience and personal opinion. If there any mistake on it please let me know.

15 February 2012

VPNywhere Free 3 Month Membership Worth EUR15.00

VPNywhere offers premium VPN (Virtual Private Network) services. You simply setup a connection to VPNywhere. This connection is secured and all internet traffic is routed through our network. You will receive an anonymous ip address from us. Any server you contact will see our servers ip-address. There will be no trace of your own ip. This means you can start using the internet securely and anonymously!

How it works and why you should use it?

VPNywhere offers premium VPN (Virtual Private Network) services. You simply setup a connection to VPNywhere. This connection is secured and all internet traffic is routed through our network. You will receive an anonymous ip address from us. Any server you contact will see our servers ip-address. There will be no trace of your own ip. This means you can start using the internet securely and anonymously!


How to get free it for free?

It's simple, here is the step by step procedure on how to get VPNywhere which is validity of 3 month that would normally cost EUR15.00 at retail price.

First, head to this page and register.

Fill in all the required field. Remember to choose the 3 month plan or else the promo code would not works.
Scroll to the bottom of the registration page and you will be able to find a field for us to to input the coupon code.

Next step is simple, just apply the coupon code provided below for a free 3 month service plan :


Click on Submit to complete your registration. Now, an email will be sent to your email inbox instantly where you will need to follow their confirmation link to activate your account. After confirming, you are ready to go!

For those who are not sure what is VPN are really about, basically it is a service that allow us to stay anonymous while browsing and using the internet. You can use it for many benefit such as gain access to unauthorized or blocked website from your country.

For more information how to setup and install VPN, you can refer this page here and select your platform/operating system.

If you do have any problem using it or any doubt, feel free to leave a message in the comment below.

11 February 2012

Can't Download Torrent? Looking for a Good Alternative to Torrific? Try ZbigZ!

Downloading files from the internet could not have been made easier with the aid of the BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol network which is often used as a medium and for the purpose of transferring large amount of data/files over the internet. It is definitely one of the best free alternative over those controversial file hosting service providers; and with the recent seizure of one of the most popular file hosting service provider - Megaupload, many of the file that are uploaded and shared previously with them gone in a blink of an eye, causing those files to became unavailable due to the currently ongoing copyrights infringement fracas. This cause the uploader of the respective file hosting site to lost confident and thrust over those file hosting provider. Rumors are also saying that the file will be deleted permanently, though there are no more updates of news regarding this matter.

Unsurprisingly, many of the previous users of such sites (file hosting such as Filesonic also being affected and their file sharing feature had since been disabled) had since move "on" (perhaps "back"?) to another alternative and it is none other than the BitTorrent peer-to-peer download method. Not only that it doesn't restrict nor put an quota on the user download file or speed (instead, it relies on a system known as seeding and leeching systems), a torrent is also able to be obtain easily from various different sources easily such as The Pirate Bay or private tracker site such as Demonoid.

Alright now lets move on to our main topic. Just a few weeks ago, I had been receiving quite some email from the people inquiring about the recent downtime of Torrific - a torrent network transmitter provider which had been previously reviewed here. It has been confirm that Torrific has officially ceased their operations and decided to finally call it a day for their brilliant service last week. It is a shame, since I has always been a huge fan of it and thought that their service is excellent and kind even to their free users.

This is the reality and what's a sad cruel world that we are living in (did you get what I mean?), but hey, life must goes on! After the closure of Torrific, I had spend some time Googl'ing around for an alternative and finally bump into this website known as ZbigZ - one of the few rare site which offer free torrent uploading and convert it into a direct http file download. 

Now let's see what's waiting in store for us in ZbigZ!

Why do we need it?

Ever wanted to download a torrent file but then you are unable to use the torrent client due to several different reason? The reason could be that of your torrent port had been block by either your government, ISP and so on. This is exactly what happen to me here, and do not fret as ZbigZ is coming on its way to the rescue! What it do is basically that they will do all the hard work for us by download our file to their server so that you can download the file directy from ZbigZ fast http download on their server.

Features and Benefits

*Click to Enlarge

As what that had been stated by the developer on their home page, there will be no need for installation of  any software in order to use their service as it is totally web-based orientated. 

With ZbigZ, you are ensured and guaranteed of your privacy where you will be doing all those torrent uploading and downloads of file directly from ZbigZ server itself.

How to use?

Here are some guideline though you will be able to obtain the instruction and detail from the site itself here, this is another brief and simple manual to make your life easier.

First, navigate to this page and get yourself an free account here

After log in into account, now what you need to do is search for a file that you would like to download.

Go to your desired torrent site and browse for your download. Then right click on the download link and choose to copy link address as shown in the image above.

Next go back to your ZbigZ dashboard and upload it for it to start fetching the torrent.

There are 2 ways of uploading, one is through the one that I had just explained earlier, through copying the torrent file download link address into the address bar provided on the ZbigZ main page. An alternative to it to upload the downloaded torrent (.torrent) file and upload it to directly to the server. Click on the upload and you will be able to choose your desired file.

Wait for it to finish upload the file. The speed of the server depending on the type of account that you are using and most importantly, the torrent that you are using. It depends on the number of seeder of the torrent that it had itself. The higher the number of seeder, the faster the process to be completed.

Click on the green arrow button to start download the file after it had successfully uploaded to the ZbigZ server, you will receive an email notification about it when it is completed (optional enabled by default).

You can delete the file by clicking on the waste bin as shown above right beside the download button.

You will be then redirected to the download page and if you are on free account, it will pop up a notification as shown in the figure above. Choose to download as free user. Note that Premium user have much more speed, bandwidth and other benefits. More feature will be explained later.

Yes, you saw that right. It is clearly stated on their account plan page that the free user download speed is limited to 50kbps only, but I did manage to reach up to 600+kbps which is completely awesome! I am using free account while doing this review for your information. If probably depends on your connection speed but I am not quite sure about it though.

Premium/Free Plan

Here is the comparison of feature between Free user and Premium user.

As a Premium user you will be able granted an unlimited storage space compare to free user which the file will be deleted after a certain of unspecific days upon the day of upload. Follow the link by clicking on the button below to buy the Premium account now.


Overall, the service provided is certainly right on par with the one offered by Torrific though there might be some space for improvements. The server up time is great never experience any down time with it thus far after 2 week testing the service. It is the best alternative to Torrific so far, give it a try yourself today and tell us your tough!


-Fast Download Speed
-Download Manager Supported
-Great Feature Even for Free User
-Unlike Torrific, ZbigZ Support Private Tracker Torrent Like Demonoid as I Demonstrated Above.
-Premium Account Upload File Extremely Fast. Finish Upload 15+GB File in Less Than 20 Minute During  Testing.


-Unable to Select and Deselect Our Preferred File to be Uploaded to Server. Also We Can't Set Our
-Download Priority of File.
-Premium Price Could Have Been Cheaper and More Affordable.
-Site Design and Interface Can Still be Improved. No FAQ File for New User to Refer to.

Its a brand new site and the server is impressively stable. Have fun guy!

P/s : I will start posting more review soon probably right after my exam next week as I am currently on examination week but did manage to spare some free time to got this review completed. Hope you enjoy reading it and feel free to leave a comment and reply here if you have any doubt on your mind.

10 February 2012

PC Software Zone First Birthday Celebration!

It was exactly a year ago since PC Software Zone were first introduced to the public on this historical day of 13th December 2010. At first, it was nothing no more than of an unofficial blog of softwarez0ne.info; setup by softwarescrackerz along with PCgENIUS as a medium to provide updates of the forum progress and status to its member while it is down due to the unavoidable needs of maintenance. Now, a year has passed, the blog has been going through a series of renovation coming up with a brand new theme and concept; gone from a download based blog to a blog which provide the reader tons of useful reviews, giveaway of free product and tips and tutorial. 

Here I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following contributor especially,

scout1 ~ for his time and commitment with the blog here

Clark2400 ~ For his continuous present and support beside the fact that Shout Box become quite a fun place to hang about with his present there.

DarkWorld2400 ~ For his superb video making skill and contribute a few post for us.

Raw ~ Posting quite a lot of account for us until he have to stop posting due to his ongoing examination.

Special Member that have to be mentioned ~ robot, xsqbx, zeru, Theblues, saibababa and other ( Sorry if I miss your name here every member count :) )

Some Statistic of PC Software Zone thus far.

Page View         : 134,877
Facebook Likes    : 121
Blog Follower     : 29
Total Post        : 316
Total Comment     : 61
Most Traffic From : YouTube

*As of 12th December 2011

It has been a long and fun journey with our member and visitor (yup that's you!) here and we would like to take this opportunity to thanks all of you and without your continuous support we will surely never be able to make it thus far here. We have so far been receiving quite a good reception and since been attracting quite a  number of visitor from various zone each day!

In conjunction with this celebration, PC Software Zone will be organizing some giveaway elusively to PC Software Zone' reader. These giveaway are mainly funded by ourself and few of it are sponsored by developer themselves whereas the remaining are obtained through previous giveaway and promotion which in case if anyone of you have missed it, here is your chance to grab it. It will the same giveaway procedure and rules as the current ongoing giveaway here (The contest time period will be vary most probably about a week duration)

Product which are going to be given out (if there any more we will update it to the list here not complete yet):

-20x uRex DVD Ripper Platinum Lifetime License
-20x uRex Video Converter Platinum Lifetime License
-20x uRex iPhone DVD Ripper Lifetime License
-20x uRex iPhone Video Converter Lifetime License
-20x Cyberghost VPN Premium One Month Voucher
-20x System Mechanic 10 Six Month License
-10x Bitdefender Internet Security One Year
-10x System Mechanic 10 One Year License
-10x SolidShops One Year of Solid Subscription
-10x Zemana Antilogger One Year License
- 5x CoolHandle Starter Web Hosting One Year
- 5x DataGuard AntiKeylogger Ultimate
- 5x Ad Muncher Basic
- 5x Emsisoft Online Armor Firewall
- 1x Emsisoft Online Armor Premium
- 1x ArcaVir System Protection 

We also have a few collection of previous giveaway code. You can made your request if you were to miss any previous promotion offer from our Facebook page.

If anyone of you were to sponsor us for giveaway, please kindly contact us here and credit will be given.

Special Note : A thousand thank to uRex Software for sponsoring and providing us the license for the uRex product giveaway.

*Giveaway date for each product is not as in order above. It will be at random date and order.
*I apologize in advance for my bad grammar and language (if there any).
*Sorry for the ugly Happy Birthday banner. Too lazy to do it properly xD

PC Software Zone Crew.