10 February 2012

PC Software Zone First Birthday Celebration!

It was exactly a year ago since PC Software Zone were first introduced to the public on this historical day of 13th December 2010. At first, it was nothing no more than of an unofficial blog of softwarez0ne.info; setup by softwarescrackerz along with PCgENIUS as a medium to provide updates of the forum progress and status to its member while it is down due to the unavoidable needs of maintenance. Now, a year has passed, the blog has been going through a series of renovation coming up with a brand new theme and concept; gone from a download based blog to a blog which provide the reader tons of useful reviews, giveaway of free product and tips and tutorial. 

Here I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following contributor especially,

scout1 ~ for his time and commitment with the blog here

Clark2400 ~ For his continuous present and support beside the fact that Shout Box become quite a fun place to hang about with his present there.

DarkWorld2400 ~ For his superb video making skill and contribute a few post for us.

Raw ~ Posting quite a lot of account for us until he have to stop posting due to his ongoing examination.

Special Member that have to be mentioned ~ robot, xsqbx, zeru, Theblues, saibababa and other ( Sorry if I miss your name here every member count :) )

Some Statistic of PC Software Zone thus far.

Page View         : 134,877
Facebook Likes    : 121
Blog Follower     : 29
Total Post        : 316
Total Comment     : 61
Most Traffic From : YouTube

*As of 12th December 2011

It has been a long and fun journey with our member and visitor (yup that's you!) here and we would like to take this opportunity to thanks all of you and without your continuous support we will surely never be able to make it thus far here. We have so far been receiving quite a good reception and since been attracting quite a  number of visitor from various zone each day!

In conjunction with this celebration, PC Software Zone will be organizing some giveaway elusively to PC Software Zone' reader. These giveaway are mainly funded by ourself and few of it are sponsored by developer themselves whereas the remaining are obtained through previous giveaway and promotion which in case if anyone of you have missed it, here is your chance to grab it. It will the same giveaway procedure and rules as the current ongoing giveaway here (The contest time period will be vary most probably about a week duration)

Product which are going to be given out (if there any more we will update it to the list here not complete yet):

-20x uRex DVD Ripper Platinum Lifetime License
-20x uRex Video Converter Platinum Lifetime License
-20x uRex iPhone DVD Ripper Lifetime License
-20x uRex iPhone Video Converter Lifetime License
-20x Cyberghost VPN Premium One Month Voucher
-20x System Mechanic 10 Six Month License
-10x Bitdefender Internet Security One Year
-10x System Mechanic 10 One Year License
-10x SolidShops One Year of Solid Subscription
-10x Zemana Antilogger One Year License
- 5x CoolHandle Starter Web Hosting One Year
- 5x DataGuard AntiKeylogger Ultimate
- 5x Ad Muncher Basic
- 5x Emsisoft Online Armor Firewall
- 1x Emsisoft Online Armor Premium
- 1x ArcaVir System Protection 

We also have a few collection of previous giveaway code. You can made your request if you were to miss any previous promotion offer from our Facebook page.

If anyone of you were to sponsor us for giveaway, please kindly contact us here and credit will be given.

Special Note : A thousand thank to uRex Software for sponsoring and providing us the license for the uRex product giveaway.

*Giveaway date for each product is not as in order above. It will be at random date and order.
*I apologize in advance for my bad grammar and language (if there any).
*Sorry for the ugly Happy Birthday banner. Too lazy to do it properly xD

PC Software Zone Crew.



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