06 December 2011

Hot MP3 Downloader Review

Hot MP3 Downloader is the best music downloading application for you, which can make over 100 million music available to your PC and any other portable devices such as iPod, iPhone, etc. Only 1-click, get your entire genres of complete hot music now!

Reviewed by scout1

           I have tried out Hot MP3 Downloader and I definitely agree that it is the best music downloading application. Before I met this product, I have been using limewire which got closed down for legal issues, to download music files. When using limewire, I have to make sure my antivirus product is updated and is working fine, otherwise I might get some virus as the files are not tested for virus. However, Hot MP3 Downloader proved to be that there is absolutely not a file containing virus, malwares or any computer threats, thus using Hot MP3 Downloader to download music files, it is definitely safe. Unlike some music downloader products, Hot MP3 Downloader bring in all the latest music pieces, whether it got released yesterday or a few weeks ago. I can find all the music pieces I want. From hip hop songs, rock, to the 1980s classic.
            When using limewire, I also met a crucial problem, which is the speed. Downloading a small file can occasionally take very long like 10 minutes. Whereas, when using Hot MP3 Downloader, downloading is very fast and usually only take 2 minutes, for me. For some products, speed might mean lose in quality, however, all the music files I downloaded using this product sounded great, there was not much lose in quality. Good speed, good quality, definitely make Hot MP3 Downloader one to grab.
             For iPhone users like me, good thing is you download the file from Hot MP3 Downloader, you add the file into iTunes, and you will be able to immediately listen to it on your phone. There is absolutely no need to wait to convert the file as it already supports iTunes. Everyone do not like waiting, right?
             As you can see, everything I wrote above are the good points of the product, now lets move to the bad points of the product. When downloading music pieces, it often crashes and goes non-responding, mostly when the download is finished. So if I want to download more songs, it can be quite irritating and dreadful. Like the above I said no one like waiting, so waiting for the downloader to be responding again can be make one that is not patient, flare up. However, one can solve this by clicking download for all the music pieces he want to download and let them download slowly one by one, but if he thought of new music pieces he want to download, he would have to wait for the downloader to respond again if it goes non- responding.

Bottom Line: I would definitely recommend this to everyone. It is fast, the quality of the songs it downloaded is good and it is pretty cheap, so it is definitely a good deal for everyone! Visit them now at  here!

1/2 year: $19.95
1 year: $29.95
Lifetime: 49.95 (Without promotion)

System Requirements
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Hot MP3 Downloader


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