21 November 2011

Get 1 Month of Free GrooveShark For Free Worth $6

Microsoft is offering some giveaway exclusively for their Internet Explorer 9 browser user in this holiday. One of the giveaway is this GrooveShark Plus 1 month free subscription that are worth $6. Here how to do it.

Note : This offer are only valid and work in US only. Thus you will need a little bit of brain if you are a non-US resident.

You can either use Proxy or a VPN (Recommended to use a VPN)

For free Proxy method simply head to this site here

For VPN method, use this a Premium or free VPN service (You can get it by Google'ing around a bit). Here are some free VPN services. For Premium VPN use CyberGhost VPN. Learn how to get free 1 Month free CyberGhost Premium VPN at our Facebook page here (While promotion still available).

Now let proceed. What will you need?

-This offer s for Internet Explorer user only therefore you need to have Internet Explorer 9 installed.
-A GrooveShark free account

*If you are a US resident skip the Proxy and VPN method/steps

Go to this page with Internet Explorer browser.

*Click on the image to enlarge

Grab the icon as shown into the taskbar. 

A newly pinned-browser will be opened if you do the step as mentioned correctly

Next log-in into your free account and enjoy!

You can re-do these step to get another GrooveShark Plus but only with different account. Simply clear the browser history and cache.

Note :

This guide/tutorial is created by ©ool™ of L33ts/softwarescrackerz of PC Software ZonePlease give credit if you intended to re-post this somewhere else.


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