21 September 2011

PetanDrive - Free 1,000 TB Virtual Drive Storage Space

Your 1000TB virtual network drive! access your files from anywhere in the world as a local hard drive or using our browser interface, upload large files, send to friends and much much much more.

Why use PetanDrive?

Petan drive offer you many features such as

-Huge storage capabilities 1000 TeraBytes (or 1,000,000 GB) of storage.
-You can access all of your files using web interface,ftp, or using our program as a local hard drive! to access directly from "My Computer".
-You can send files/folders to friends in few secs using facebook or using thier PetandDrive account details.
-Files are been sent in a rapid speed, you can send Terabytes of files in few seconds!
-You can view video files online using the web interface (flash for mobile phone or divx/vlc for your pc) or using our virtual drive program.
-You can use any download mannager like flashget to download files from your account, or use our program to download and open/play the file at the same time!
-For every file that you upload you will recieve a special external link that you will be able to give to your friends to download.
-You can use our online download mannager to download files from other servers in a rapid speed!
-You can synchronize folders with friends. or use grab to download file/folders links directly to your account.