26 May 2011

Free Half LIfe 2 and Portal Steam Game

In this tutorial I am going to guide you on how to get Half Life 2 : Lost Cost + Deathmatch and Portal First Slide for free. This is legit and its a free offer by NVIDIA and ATI to their user only but I was able to get an exploit in which you can get these 3 games for free even though you did not own the graphic card yourself. Here this is what you will need to get it.

3D Analyser

Steam Client

Now first create a free steam account and if you don't have it get it here
It is very important to have Steam client make sure to get it ready with all those updates after your first time installation. Now install the 3D analyser and launch it. (Hold Ctrl + Mouse scroll to zoom image below)

Now select Steam client (exe) which usually located in default C:\Program Files\Steam
Select the card that you want.

For NVIDIA offer simply choose one of these combination

Vendor ID : 4318 and Device ID : 592 or
Vendor ID : 4318 and Device ID : 816

Now click Run and launch the Steam. Login to your Steam account.Now open your web browser and go to this site

Click on get it now and next proceed by clicking on continue and you will get Portal First Slice, Peggle Extreme, and both Half Life Deathmatch and Lost Cost for free!

For the ATI offer the procedure is basically the same the difference is the ID

Vendor ID : 4098 and Device ID : 20812 or
Vendor ID : 4098 and Device ID : 20040

Next go to this site

Do the same step as mention and you will get the game that it offer for free out of nothing.


Password : softwarescrackerz



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