03 March 2011

How to make your choice of Antiviruses

Why did I make this post? Now, for most experienced computer users, they will surely know which antivirus and programs they want but for new users or people who are much more smaller and cannot decide(which may be visiting our website) , they might not know which to get.
Now, lets proceed.

Top Antiviruses&Protection Suite
(Ranked according price, features and power of antivirus protection by TopTenReviews)
1. BitDefender Antivirus
2. Kaspersky Anti-Virus
3. Webroot Antivirus
4. Norton
5. ESET Nod32 Antivirus
6. AVG Antivirus
7. G DATA Antivirus
8. Avira Antivir
9. VIPRE Antivirus
10. Trend Micro Titanium
11. Avast! Pro Antivirus
12. F-Secure Antivirus
13. eScan Antivirus
14. BullGuard Antivirus
15. McAfee AntiVirus
16. ZoneAlarm Antivirus
17. TrustPort Antivirus
18. Lavasoft Ad-Aware
19. Panda Antivirus
20. CA Antivirus Plus
21. Cyber Defender Early Detection Center
22. ParetoLogic Anti-Virus PLUS
23. Norman Antivirus&Antispyware
24. ViRobot Desktop
25. F-Prot

-This is taken from TopTenReviews. Their rankings are much the same for the pro version of it.
-The antivirus in bold are found in this blog.
-The antivirus in italics might be coming soon in this blog.
-Antiviruses that are not listed are either that they do not protect you or they are simply lousy.

1. Spy Sweeper
2. Counter Spy
3. STOPzilla
4. Spyware Doctor
5. Ad-Aware Pro
6. PC Spyware Protection
7. Malwarebytes Anti Malware
8. SUPER Anti Spyware Professional
9. SpyHunter
10. ZeroSpyware
11. SpyZooka

You can see PcTools(Spyware Doctor) is in the rankings. This is because Spyware doctor has always been good in anti-spyware but their antivirus are just starting to get better.

Top Antivirus Ranking( From Editor Scout1 and various voters)

1. Kaspersky Anti-Virus
2. ESET Nod32 Antivirus
3. Webroot Antivirus
4. Norton
5. Avast! Pro Antivirus
6. AVG Antivirus
7. BitDefender Antivirus
8. McAfee AntiVirus
9. VIPRE Antivirus
10. Trend Micro Titanium
11. G DATA Antivirus
12. F-Secure Antivirus
13. Lavasoft Ad-Aware
14. BullGuard Antivirus
15. Panda Antivirus
16. ZoneAlarm Antivirus
17. Lavasoft Ad-Aware
16. Panda Antivirus
19. Norman Antivirus&Antispyware
20. Cyber Defender Early Detection Center

-Any constructive suggestions is welcomed, please comment or say it at the chatbox and I will review my rankings again.
-This ranking is ranked according to their
1. Protection rate
2. Detection rate
3. Database size
4. How much it slows your computer
5. How much features it has (Tune-up, back-up CD,etc.)

Top Anti-Malware rankings ( By scout1 and various voters)
1. Spyware Doctor
2. Malwarebytes Anti Malware
3. STOPzilla
4. Webroot Spy Sweeper
5. Ad-Aware Pro
6. Iobit Security 360
7. Spybot - Search & Destroy
8. SUPER Anti Spyware Professional
9. Returnil System Safe
10. Counter Spy
10. ZeroSpyware
11. PC Spyware Protection
12. SpyZooka
13. Advanced System Protector

The antivirus& Anti-malware posted here
9.Lavasoft Ad-Aware ($29.95 USD - 1PCs/1 Year)



-The prices are for the PRO version of the anti-virus because all our antivirus that is posted is the PRO version of it.

-Most of their price on their website contains a back up disk which we do not provide. BUT some of the antivirus allow you to manually download it after you install the program.

- Some of the antivirus program that we posted that are not listed here are either not rated by famous review websites.

Choosing your antivirus


Now what do you need to consider before downloading an antivirus?

1. How strong and fast is your computer?

2. How much things do you do on the web?

3. How much space does your computer have?

Recommended Antivirus


-Requires about 1 GB of computer Hard Disk Space

-Overall protect your computer

-Has a detection rate of 99% and detects all kinds of viruses.

-Slows down your computer by a bit.

-Gives you a free option to download a Rescue CD

2. Avast

-Requires not too much of Hard Disk Space

-Overall protect your computer

-Detection rate is average and detects all kinds of viruses

-Hardly slows down your computer

-A boot-time scan that scan your computer before the viruses start.

-Protects you from phishing, malicious website

-A high detection rate of protection from malwares.

-Does not slow down your computer unless when scanning

These are just antiviruses that I like and have used before and is pretty good.

2 IN 1 ?
Some people might like using two or MORE antiviruses together, just like me.
What are the pros and cons of doing these then?

- You get double the protection
- You get double the detection
- You will be much more sure that your computer is safe

- Your computer will slow down (!!!)
- Your antiviruses might crash and when they do, your computer will be unprotected. (!!!!!!!)

Now, how do you prevent the cons when you want to use two antiviruses together?

1. Your computer will slow down
This is a fact why most people do not want to use two antiviruses together. Now, how do you solve it? The answer is tune-up.

- Remove/stop un-needed programs when not in use.
- Solve registries problems and defrag your registry.
- Download programs that helps monitor your system and actively lower your computer's processes to stop/pause them from using too much RAM when they overload.

Now to do these 3, you can simply download these 2 programs:

2. Your antiviruses might crash and when they do, your computer will be unprotected.
This is an important point to consider when using two antivirus at a time. To solve this, you must use two antivirus that will not crash when used together.

Here are some antiviruses that wont clash together

- Kaspersky and Spyware Doctor
- Avast and Norton
- Malwarebytes and all antiviruses
- To find out more, simply install the antivirus and they will tell you if you installed any antivirus that will clash with theirs.

Its all up to you, check how many GB of ram and space your computer has and make the right choice. Also, you can ask the admins for more advice.


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